I was a part of a team of 5 designers tasked with creating a series of seasonal apparel releases. Each design collection was created with a specific market in mind, from national parks to university book stores to casino gift shops. This particular release was designed for ski resorts across the nation, with the bulk of the clients located in the nearby Colorado Rocky Mountains.

We first met to establish the garments and colors we would be designing for, and conducted research to discover what design styles were most popular in the outdoor resort market. After establishing the styles and garments, we each went to work designing.

We met each week to present our new or edited designs and to critique one another. This ensured that our designs were all appropriate for the clients, while still being varied enough that we were presenting a selection to choose from. These are some of the revisions my designs went through.
Below are the approved designs I contributed to the collection.

After the ski resort collection had been approved, we went into production:

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